Organisation of social protection
Chart and brief description of the administrative organisation of social protection in each country, updated twice a year

Cross-cutting introductions
Horizontal perspective on the main principles underlying each social protection branch
Glossary (pdf)
Social Security Guides
Citizen-friendly explanation of the social protection system in each country, updated once a year
MISSOC Comparative Tables Database
Detailed and biannually updated information about social protection in each country, presented in the form of twelve comparative tables, each divided into numerous categories
Social protection of the self-employed
Overview of social protection arrangements for self-employed persons in each country, updated twice a year

MISSOC Correspondents' Guide
Guidelines for MISSOC Correspondents as to how to complete the MISSOC Tables' categories

The MISSOC secretariat is part of the European Social Policy Network (ESPN) which was established in 2014 to provide the Commission with independent information, analysis and expertise on social policies.

MISSOC also cooperates closely with the International Social Security Association (ISSA) and the Mutual Information System on Social Protection of the Council of Europe (MISSCEO).

The three networks set out to mutually promote and disseminate their respective resource bases, which are largely complementary.